Kodak KODACOLOR DTG ink features

Kodak KODACOLOR DTG ink features

Dec 21, 2022

Features and benefits of Kodak KODACOLOR DTG ink

Kodak KODACOLOR DTG ink is a CMYK and white ink set that can be used with most DTG printers that use an Epson DX print head, making it a versatile option for those looking to switch to a new ink set. The ink set is designed to produce extremely durable and vibrant prints on both light and dark garments when cured correctly.

Use Kodak KODACOLOR DTG ink with pre-treatments

When used in conjunction with Kodak KODACOLOR DTG Dark and Light pre-treatments, the images produced by Kodak KODACOLOR DTG ink are both vibrant and wash fast, ensuring long-lasting prints that will stand up to regular wear and tear. Moreover, this ink set can be used as a color coat over other white textile inks, but it works best with Kodak KODACOLOR DTG white ink.

Flushing for Kodak KODACOLOR DTG

Kodak KODACOLOR DTG ink requires no special installation, and it does not require flushing your system if you are currently using other inks in your Epson DTG printer, thus saving you time and money. However, flushing the system is recommended to achieve the best results. Flushing solution is available at competitive prices should you choose to flush the system.

Printing specifications

The normal cure time for Kodak KODACOLOR DTG ink with white ink is 45 seconds at 165°C and 35 seconds at 155°C for CMYK only. This ink set is designed to print onto 100% cotton down to a 60% cotton 40% polyester mix. (Printing onto fabric outside these specifications may be possible, but it is crucial to produce your wash tests for any fabric.)

DTG printers compatible with Kodak KODACOLOR DTG ink

Kodak KODACOLOR DTG ink is compatible with a wide range of DTG printers, including the Resolute R-Jet 5i, R-Jet 5, R-Jet 3, DTG Digital Viper – Viper 2 – M2 – M4 – K3 – HM1, TexJet – TexJet+, Neoflex, Mutoh, T-Jet Blazer – Express – Pro, Anajet sprint, Katana, and all DIY DTG using the Epson DX4, Epson DX5, Epson DX6, Epson DX7, Epson Thin Film, 5113 or XAAR 1001 print head. 

Washing instructions

To ensure the best results, Kodak KODACOLOR DTG ink should be washed at 40°C using non-biological washing products. It is essential to avoid using stain removers or other washing additives as they may affect the end result.



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