Kodak KODACOLOR EDTG Series Ink Set

High performance with low viscosity inks: Kodak KODACOLOR EDTG Series Ink Set

Aug 09, 2023

Kodak's KODACOLOR EDTG Series inks have been meticulously engineered for the precise purpose of direct-to-fabric printing on a variety of materials, including cotton, cotton blends, and polyester fabrics. These inks demonstrate exceptional versatility, performing admirably whether printing directly onto finished garments or onto continuous roll fabrics. Utilising a water-based digital ink formulation, they are ideally suited for printers equipped with piezo-electric print heads. While primarily designed for high-volume production printing, they are equally proficient in achieving high-quality sampling and strike-offs.

Features of Kodak KODACOLOR EDTG Series Inks

One of the standout features of KODACOLOR EDTG Series Inks is their ability to deliver superior performance, especially when used with print heads that require low-viscosity ink. This ensures the highest level of nozzle efficiency, guaranteeing crisp and precise prints every time.

Kodak KODACOLOR Pre-Treats

For optimal results, Kodak offers a range of KODACOLOR Pre-Treats, specially formulated to complement the KODACOLOR EDTGInk Sets. These Pre-Treats are tailored to enhance image quality and durability while maintaining excellent wash-fastness. With three distinct types available, they cater to a wide spectrum of garments, including 100% dark and light cotton, dark and light cotton blends, as well as dark and white polyesters.

This data is sourced from the Kodak site (KODACOLOR Direct-to-Garment Inks, the link opens in a new window).

EDTG Viscosity Profile

The KODACOLOR EDTG Series Ink Set offered by industrialinks.com consists of:

Experience the precision and reliability of the KODACOLOR EDTG Series System, where innovation meets performance to bring your fabric printing to the next level.

More information on the Kodak website

The KODACOLOR Direct-to-Garment Ink System provides fabric designers, brands, printer manufacturers, and fabric printing businesses with high-quality options to meet their customers' printing demands. Please visit the Kodak website for downloads, datasheets and more information. The link opens in a new window.


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