Frequently asked questions (and answers) about Kodak DTF / FTF

Frequently asked questions (and answers) about Kodak DTF / FTF

Jul 20, 2023

Direct-to-film printing is an emerging technique gaining traction in the industry. When it comes to Kodak DTF ink and supplies, including sheets, film, and powder, you might have some questions in comparison to the more or less traditional DTG process. For a deeper insight, please read our FAQs below.

Kodak KODACOLOR DTF ink FAQs (which colours, printer / printhead type)

  1. What is Kodak DTF ink?
    Kodak DTF ink is a specialised ink designed for use in the DTF printing process. It's formulated to provide high-quality prints on film sheets or rolls.
  2. Which colours are available in the Kodak DTF ink range?
    The Kodak DTF ink range includes a variety of colours, such as Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (K) and White. These colours can be purchased individually or as a set in quantities of 1, 4 or 20 liters through our website.
  3. Can Kodak DTF ink be used with any DTF printer or any printhead type?
    Kodak DTF ink is compatible with specific DTF printers. Ensure compatibility with your printer model, and it's recommended to consult Kodak for printer-specific recommendations. Tip: please check the printhead type on one of the product pages, we've added this information in the product description of each colour.

Kodak KODACOLOR DTF powder FAQs (what is it and how to use it)

  1. What is Kodak DTF Powder White KODACOLOR?
    Kodak DTF Powder White KODACOLOR is a specialised adhesive powder used in the DTF printing process. It helps the DTF ink adhere to the fabric during the heat transfer process.
  2. How is Kodak DTF powder applied?

    Please read "The complete guide to DTF printing with Kodak KODACOLOR DTF / FTF powder".

  3. Can I use other types of adhesive powder with Kodak DTF Ink?
    For the best possible and reliable results, it's recommended to use Kodak DTF Powder White KODACOLOR, as it's specifically designed for the DTF printing process.

DTF film sheet and film roll FAQs (different sizes)

  1. What are Kodak DTF film sheets and film rolls?
    Kodak DTF Film Sheets and Film Rolls are the printable mediums onto which the design is printed. They are crucial components of the DTF printing process.
  2. What sizes are available for Kodak DTF Film Sheets and Film Rolls?
    We offer three types of sheets (Kodak DTF / FTF Film sheets: A3+, A3, and A4 sizes) and various roll sizes (Kodak DTF / FTF Film roll size 30cm x 50m, 30cm x 100m33cm x 100m and 60cm x 100m if you want to go really big) to cater to your specific needs.
  3. How should I store Kodak DTF Film Sheets and Film Rolls?
    Store Kodak DTF Film and Sheets in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture to prevent damage or degradation.

More questions about Kodak DTF ink and supplies?

Questions? Please do get in touch with your personal account manager or send an enquiry to the team via the contact form.


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