Interview: Mimaki Focuses on sustainability and circularity at ITMA 2023

Interview: Mimaki Focuses on sustainability and circularity at ITMA 2023

Jul 08, 2023

Debbie McKegan, CEO of TexIntel, spoke with Arjen Evertse, General Manager Sales for Mimaki EMEA, at ITMA 2023 to discuss the latest developments and innovations at Mimaki. Evertse highlighted the company's focus on sustainability and introduced three significant advancements that align with this theme.

Innovation: "text call"

The first innovation discussed was "text call", a new technology that enables easy dye sublimation transfer printing with pigment inks. Traditionally, this printing method was limited to polyester-based textiles, but with text call, it can be applied to various fiber types, including blended fibers. This breakthrough opens up digital printing possibilities to a wider range of customers and facilitates the exploration of new business opportunities.

Introduction of the Mimaki Tiger600

The second major announcement was the introduction of the Tiger600, a high-end dye sublimation transfer printer capable of achieving speeds of up to 550 square meters per hour while maintaining usable, practical print quality. This printer also features a more compact footprint, making it an ideal choice for high-productivity needs. Mimaki aims to drive the transition from analog to digital printing in the industry, emphasising the importance of increased productivity for sustainability.

More information on the Mimaki Tiger600.

Concept phase: Neo-Chromato Process

The third innovation, still in the concept phase, is called "neo-chromato." This groundbreaking technology allows for the discharge of dye sublimation ink from printed polyester, effectively turning it back into the initial white fabric for reuse. Evertse explained that Mimaki has successfully tested this process up to 20 times without any visible impact on the textile. While neo-chromato is currently a proof of concept, it holds great potential for bringing circularity to the textile industry. The ability to reclaim and reutilize printed fabrics could significantly reduce waste in sectors such as soft signage, events, fashion, and home furnishings.

More information on Neo-Chromato at the Mimaki website.

The first Mimaki DTF printer (TxF150-75)

In addition to these innovations, Evertse briefly discussed Mimaki's DTF (Direct-to-Fabric) printer, the TxF150-75. This printer addresses sustainability concerns in the screen printing industry, which traditionally relies on chemicals and water-intensive cleaning processes. By digitalising the screen print process, Mimaki aims to reduce the environmental impact associated with this method. The DTF printer offers usability advantages over other technologies, eliminating the need for pre-treatment and enabling pre-production of transfers for on-demand application. 

... as soon as the customer starts using DTF printers, they can't imagine they ever did it without DTF?

Read more about the TxF150-75, Mimaki's first DTF printer on the Mimaki website or in our article we published about the launch of the first Mimaki DTF printer.

Excitement about the future!

The interview concluded with excitement about the future possibilities and potential applications of these innovations. Evertse envisioned a future where circularity becomes the norm in the textile industry, transforming the way fabrics are used and repurposed.

Mimaki's presence at ITMA 2023 showcased their commitment to sustainability and their dedication to pushing the boundaries of digital printing. With these new innovations, Mimaki aims to drive the industry forward, enabling businesses to adopt more sustainable practices and explore new opportunities in the ever-evolving world of textiles.

View the interview with Debbie McKeegan and Arjen Evertse on from June 20, 2023 at ITMA.

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