Mastering DTG printing with Kodak KODACOLOR pretreatment

Mastering DTG printing with Kodak KODACOLOR Pretreatment Solution

Mar 14, 2024

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing has revolutionised the world of apparel customisation, enabling businesses to produce high-quality, vibrant designs with remarkable precision and efficiency. Central to achieving optimal results in DTG printing, particularly on dark fabrics, is the strategic use of pretreatment solutions. In this guide, we delve into the nuances of Kodak KODACOLOR pretreatment, exploring its key features, application methods, and the transformative impact it can have on your printing endeavours. 

Understanding the role of pretreatment in DTG printing

Pretreatment is the ingredient behind the success of DTG printing on dark-coloured garments. Acting as a bridge between the fabric and the ink, pretreatment primes the surface, ensuring proper adhesion and vibrant colour reproduction. Without pretreatment, the ink may struggle to bond effectively with the fabric, leading to lacklustre results and compromised durability.

Unlocking the benefits of Kodak KODACOLOR pretreatment

Developed by Kodak, a pioneer in imaging and printing technology, KODACOLOR pretreatment stands as a testament to innovation and quality. Tailored specifically for use with the Kodak EDTG Series Ink Sets, this range of pretreatment products offers a myriad of benefits:

  1. Enhanced colour vibrancy: by promoting uniform ink adhesion, KODACOLOR pretreatment ensures that prints exhibit vibrant, true-to-life colours with unparalleled clarity and richness.
  2. Exceptional washfastness: say goodbye to faded prints with KODACOLOR pretreatment. Its advanced formula creates a durable bond between the ink and fabric, resulting in prints that withstand numerous wash cycles without losing their brilliance.
  3. Precision and detail: with KODACOLOR pretreatment, every detail matters. Enjoy sharper, crisper prints with minimal ink bleed and feathering, allowing you to capture intricate designs and intricate details with precision.
  4. Cost-efficiency: thanks to its efficient ink absorption properties, KODACOLOR pretreatment helps minimise ink consumption, allowing you to optimise resources and reduce operational costs without compromising on quality.

Kodak Pre-treatment for Dark of Light fabrics available here:

One size does not fit all. Kodak offers pretreat solutions for dark and light fabrics. See below for 1L bottles and 20L jerrycans:

Read more about Kodak Pre-treatment:


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