Effective maintenance solutions for Kodak DTG inks

Effective maintenance solutions for Kodak DTG inks from industrialinks.com

Apr 12, 2023

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your Kodak DTG ink system, proper maintenance is crucial. Kodak offers a range of maintenance solutions specifically designed for use with their DTG inks. These solutions address various cleaning and flushing needs, allowing you to keep your DTG printer in optimal condition.

Kodak KODACOLOR maintenance solutions from industrialinks.com

Kodak DTG flushing solution

The Kodak flushing solution is a mild yet highly effective liquid designed for flushing and cleaning your DTG system when necessary. This solution is specially formulated to remove any residual ink and contaminants from the system, ensuring a clean and efficient printing process. When it's time to switch inks or perform system maintenance, the Kodak flushing solution is an essential tool. Check out our Kodak FSDTG1 Specialty Cat. 7458078 DTG Flushing Solution KODACOLOR.

Kodak DTG cleaning solution

For thorough and targeted cleaning, the Kodak cleaning solution is an ideal choice. This stronger liquid is specifically formulated to clean capping station seals, the surface of the print head, and other areas where ink can accumulate and solidify over time. By effectively removing ink buildup, the cleaning solution helps maintain the print head's performance and prolong its lifespan. Additionally, it can be used for print head flushing, ensuring a clear and unobstructed ink flow. After using the cleaning solution, it's important to flush the print head with the Kodak flushing solution to remove any residual cleaner.
Check out our Kodak CLSDTG1 Specialty Cat. 7458060 DTG Cleaning Solution KODACOLOR.

Kodak DTG capping solution

Capping stations, although rarely breaking, can become clogged with dried ink over time or during periods of printer inactivity. The Kodak capping solution is specifically designed to flush out ink and provide a protective coating to prevent ink from congealing on the working parts. It is recommended to use the capping solution as part of your end-of-day cleaning routine to flush the capping station tube effectively. By incorporating the capping solution into your maintenance routine, you can ensure the capping station remains clear and functional, contributing to consistent and reliable print performance. Check out our Kodak CASDTG1 Specialty Cat. 7458052 DTG Capping Solution KODACOLOR.

Keep your Kodak DTG ink system and DTG printers running smoothly

Kodak's maintenance solutions offer essential tools to keep your Kodak DTG ink system running smoothly. The flushing solution effectively removes residual ink, the cleaning solution targets stubborn ink buildup, and the capping solution helps maintain the functionality of the capping station. By incorporating these maintenance solutions into your regular cleaning and maintenance routines, you can optimize the performance and lifespan of your DTG printer, ensuring consistent, high-quality prints over time.

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