P70i-X UV-LED curable ink

P70i-X UV-LED curable ink is a specialised type of ink designed for digital printing applications, particularly suited for hard and flexible surfaces. Here's a breakdown of its key components and features.

P70i-X UV-LED curable ink


UV-LED curable ink comprises photopolymerisable monomers, oligomers, pigments, initiators, and additives. These components react under UV light exposure to form a polymerised, solid layer.


  • Semi-flexibility: offers a degree of flexibility suitable for both rigid and flexible substrates.
  • Vibrant colours: precision-designed to deliver vivid and vibrant colours, ensuring high-quality printed output.
  • Low energy consumption: cures quickly under UV-LED lamps, reducing energy consumption compared to traditional curing methods.
  • Stable operation: provides stable printing performance, minimising downtime and ensuring consistent results.
  • Strong adhesion: formulated for strong adhesion to various substrates, enhancing durability and longevity of printed materials.
  • Fade-resistant: incorporates fade-resistant pigments to maintain colour integrity over time, ideal for applications requiring long-lasting prints.


UV-LED curable ink is versatile and finds applications in various industries, including: 

  • Industrial printing: suitable for digital printing on industrial products such as signage, labels, packaging, and promotional items.
  • Graphics printing: used for producing graphics on a wide range of substrates, including plastics, glass, metals, and coated papers.
  • Prototyping: enables rapid prototyping and product development due to its quick curing properties and compatibility with digital printing technology.


  • Printhead compatibility: compatible with Epson DX5, ensuring seamless integration with a variety of digital printers.
  • Printer models: commonly used with printers like the Compress IUV350i, IUV600i, and IUV1200i, among others.


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): readily available MSDS for users to access information regarding handling, storage, and emergency procedures — see productpages.

Brand and series

Developed and manufactured by Avery Dennison, a renowned name in the printing industry. Part of the P70i-X series. For European dealers and end-users, available through


Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White inks and Flushing solution is available in 1 liter bottles. And Clear is typically available in 500 ml bottles.