Consumables Definition

Consumables refer to the various materials and supplies used in the printing process, including inks, pre-treatment and cleaning solutions, films, sheets, rolls, and other auxiliary products. These consumables are essential for maintaining and operating printing equipment and achieving high-quality prints.


Inks are one of the primary consumables used in printing, and they come in various formulations tailored to specific printing technologies and applications. Common types of inks used in the industry include:

  • DTF (Direct-to-Film) inks
  • DTG (Direct-to-Garment) inks
  • UV (Ultraviolet) inks
  • Sublimation inks
  • Eco-solvent, solvent, and water-based inks

Pre-treatment and Cleaning Solutions

Pre-treatment solutions are used in DTG printing to prepare garments for printing, ensuring proper ink adhesion and vibrant colours. Cleaning solutions are essential for maintaining printheads, capping stations, and other critical components of printing equipment, preventing clogs and ensuring optimal performance.

DTF Films / Sheets / Rolls

DTF printing involves transferring designs from a printed film or sheet onto a substrate using a heat press or other transfer methods. DTF films, sheets, and rolls are used as the transfer medium, allowing for precise and vibrant prints on various materials, including garments, textiles, and rigid substrates.

Powders and Additives

In addition to inks and films, printing consumables may include powders and additives used for special effects, finishes, or enhancements. For example, DTF printing often involves the application of powder over the printed design to enhance durability and wash resistance.

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